A Fairytale of London

Our Tradition

Our History

Our story began near our home the River Thames. We had a feeling that the Gin on our ‘G&T’ simply wasn't being giving the love it deserved.

On one ‘Gin-Tuesday’, our evening get together at our favorite Sailing Club 'The Corinthian', our small group of Gin aficionados was driven by the idea to create a spirit that could truly claim to be the beating heart of a great Gin drink.
Our merry band was fortunate to include 8th Generation Master Distiller Charles Maxwell. Working together with him we composed the recipe for a refreshingly fruity and deliciously floral character.

Each recipe was tested until we were satisfied that it made a dazzling Gin Fizz and an quenchingly delicious Gin & Tonic.

Our Botanicals

10 carefully selected Botanicals give this superior London Dry Gin its fresh-fruity and delicious floral taste.

The essential aromas come from aromatic Juniper berries - accompanied by head notes of fresh Pomelo, Camomile and Jasmine with a spicy finish of Cubeb berries.
TCG Grapefruit Gin Fizz
4cl The Corinthlan Gin
4cl Fresh Grapefruit Juice
Icl Lemon Juice
Icl Sugar Syrup
Gently fill into shaker and shake 5-times. Then pour over ice into a highball glass and fill up with carbonated water

The Corinthian's refreshing and distinctive style is a perfect match for a deliciously refreshing Gin Fizz cocktail. We recommend a grapefruit Gin Fizz.